Wallet V1.0

User Guide

To login into the Zebi wallet, follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Go to the URL: https://zpb.zebi.io/wallet
When you click the link, the Zebi Wallet Login Screen is displayed (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Wallet Login Screen

Step 2: Upload the Keystore file that you saved at the time of account creation and enter the password (Figure 2).
Click Login.

Figure 2: Upload the Keystore File Window

NOTE:If you are new to the wallet login and have not created the ZPB account earlier, click Create New Account (Figure 2) and follow the same instructions given at the time of account creation.
If you have forgotten your account details, click Recover your Account (Figure 2) and enter the username and the Mnemonic Passphrase (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Confirm your Passphrase Window

Set the New Password and confirm it (Figure 4). Click Confirm & Proceed (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Set New Password Window

A new keystore file will be downloaded on your system and your account will be recovered successfully (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Recovery Account Window

Now, you can proceed to the wallet login (Figure 5).

Step 3: After logging into the wallet successfully, you’ll be re-directed to the Zebi Wallet Screen (Figure 6) where you can see the current balance, the total value of your Zebi token (ZEBI), and the available rewards.

Figure 6: Zebi Wallet Screen Window

On the left side, the navigation panel with the following tabs (Figure 7) are displayed:

  • Home
  • Transaction
  • Validators
  • Staking

Figure 7: Navigation Panel Window

Click Transactions to trace and track the latest transactions (Figure 8). On the Transactions screen, all the details related to the transactions including the transaction type, block, amount, timestamp, and fee are displayed.

Figure 8: Transaction Window

Click Validators to see the validators details such as their unique ID, address, rewards, commission, voting power, and the uptime (Figure 9).

Figure 9: Validators Window

Navigate to My Delegations to check the complete delegation details (Figure 10).

Figure 10: My Delegations Window

You can re-delegate the Zebi token (ZEBI) from one validator to another in case if the validator is not performing well (Figure 11).

Figure 11: Re-Delegation Window

To re-delegate the tokens, follow the below-mentioned procedure:
Choose the validator ID to redelegate your tokens (Figure 12). You can also use the Search Option to find the validator of your choice.

Figure 12: Select the Validator ID Window

Enter the amount and click Confirm to complete the transaction (Figure 13)

Figure 13: Confirm the Redelegating Window

Upload the Keystore file and password to successfully redelegate the Zebi tokens (ZEBI) (Figure 14).

Click Redelegate to complete the transaction (Figure 14)

Figure 14: Upload the Keystore File Window

You have successfully redelegated the Zebi tokens (ZEBI) (Figure 15).

Figure 15: Successfully redelegating the Zebi Tokens Window

You can also Undelegate (Figure 16) the Zebi tokens (ZEBI) from the validator in case if the validator is being inactive on the platform. However, the time period to get the tokens back in the wallet is at least 3 weeks.

To undelegate the tokens, follow the below-mentioned procedure:
Choose the validator ID to undelegate the tokens (Figure 16).

Figure 16: Undelegate the Tokens Window

Enter the amount you want to undelegate and click Confirm (Figure 17).

Figure 17: Enter the amount to undelegate Zebi Tokens (ZEBI) Window

Upload the Keystore file and password to undelegate your tokens (Figure 18).
Click Undelegate to complete the transaction (Figure 18).

Figure 18: Upload the Keystore file to Undelegate the Tokens Window

You have successfully undelegated the Zebi tokens (ZEBI) (Figure 19).

Figure 19: ZEBI Token Undelegated Window

Go to Parameters to check the time period required for undelegation (Figure 20). Here you can also see the Maximum No. of Validators.

Figure 20: Parameters Window

To transfer the Zebi tokens (ZEBI), follow the below-mentioned procedure:
Step 4: On the home screen, click Send ZEBI Tokens to transfer the tokens (Figure 21).

Figure 21: Send Zebi Tokens Window

Step 5: On the ZEBI Tokens Transfer screen (Figure 22), enter the receiver’s address within the Zebi Wallet Portal in Send To field and the amount in the Amount field. Click Continue to confirm the transaction.

Figure 22: Zebi Token Transfer Window

Step 6: Click Confirm & Proceed (Figure 23) to send the ZEBI tokens.

Figure 23: Confirm and Proceed Window

Step 7: Upload the keystore file in the Keystore File field and enter the password to transfer the tokens in the Password field (Figure 24).

Figure 24: Upload the Keystore File Window

This step completes the ZEBI token transaction process (Figure 25).

Figure 25: Zebi Token Transfer Window