Proof-of-Stake Algorithm V1.0

ZPB uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm that is in-built in Cosmos and allows a set of validators to be rewarded for each block creation in proportion to their respective stakes.

How does it work?

In Proof-of-Stake algorithm, validators stake their tokens to create the new blocks.

See the following section for more information on validators:

  • Anyone who is willing to become a ZPB Validator has to first create an account in ZPB and get ZEBI tokens transferred to their account through the bridge software at
  • Each validator runs a ZPB node based on the stakes received from the delegators and/or from their self-delegated tokens.
  • When several transactions are created on ZPB, the validators choose a set of leaders who own the maximum staked tokens. The top selected leaders (validators) are responsible for creating the new blocks on the ZPB network and broadcast them to others.
  • For each block creation, the validators get rewards for the transactions present in the block. These rewards are distributed across all the validators set in proportion to their staked tokens.